Looking to build an electric vehicle?

You've landed at the right place. We've motors and controllers for a variety of light electric vehicles.

First Time Right

We make sure to use standard automotive design and production principles to get the design right in the first try.

DFx Thinking

Our engineers are ingrained to think with DFx concepts, be it Design, Assembly, Manufacturing or Testing, every stage of the product lifecycle is given equal thought.


Our products are made as modular as possible, in order to cater to a wide range of needs with minimum tooling costs for the customer.

Market Fit

We've made sure to keep our products generic enough to cater to various geographies.

Tailored motor modifications offered

  • Customized flanges
  • Customized shafts
  • Optional Axial fins or Radial fins
  • Shaft Mounted fan cooling or external forced cooling

<h2>Tailored motor modifications offered<h2>

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